Want To Have A Private Concert In Your Home?

Colin MacLeod, Celtic Fiddle Guru, has travelled the world and played Celtic fiddle in both marvellous and exotic locations.

Apply Below To Have Colin Play In Your Home

I would love to have Colin play in my home
Celtic Music Session Melbourne Australia

"Colin really knows how to bring life's moments alive and turn these into marvellous memories"

Shivers MacRegal aka 'Scotland's Top Triplets Player'

How does a House Concert work?

  • It doesn't cost you anything! Since you are providing the venue and audience, we don't want to ask any more from you!
  • Each guest is privatey invited by you. The requirement is for a minimum of 20 people for a house concert to go ahead.
  • You will be sent a private event page you can share with your family and friends. This will have a secret ticket link for them to reserve their seat. They can contribute any amount they wish, there isn't a set fee although a $25 donation per person is suggested.
  • An affordable and unique way to experience quality live music!
I would love to have Colin play in my home!

A really inspiring rendition of the Scottish tune Mrs MacLeod in the beautiful and rugged environment near Sedona, Arizona

Will the house concert be fun?

Yes, the house concert will be fun!

Listen to Colin regale your audience with tales of foreign travel and play music from his MBA Of Life Tour.

MBA = Music Business Adventure!

Over the past year, Colin has played Celtic fiddle to the elephants in the Sumatra jungle, in a plane over Mt Everest and much, much more!

Great fiddle playing! So much energy and passion!

Alexa Michna, alexabuyshouses.com

Colin really touched people's hearts at the Mt. Dora Spring Festival in Florida this weekend.

Gerry Pizzini, facebook.com/JewelryByGP

Colin's music really turns moments into memories.

Augie Byllott, creatingwealthusa.com

Why do I love House Concerts so much?

  • They are intimate! It is the perfect environment to hear the beautiful tones of a Celtic fiddle and Colin's Scottish accent!
  • It's a great way to meet and chat with everyone, and we don't need to worry about exiting the building immediately after the show!
  • We can share a drink and conversation after the show!
  • Everyone is there because they want to be there!
  • House concerts are inclusive, so everyone can join in the fun!
  • We can all take away marvellous memories from the occasion!